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Planning your  Party?
How about here!
Check with the bar and our super kitchen will help!
Great place for a fund raiser, lots of experience

Duck Hunting


Want to try duck hunting?
Must have licenses.
its free!
check out

Membership meeting

Membership meeting
July 21, 7:30 PM
Door Prize and attendance draw
Steak BBQ 6PM to 7300 PM
Members and guest over 19 are welcome



We need range officers. Interested, training available.

See Chuck Grainger or Don Chambers.


Wednesday Drink Specials

Large jug   $11.40

Small jug   $ 6.25

Pint of beer    $ 4.00

Glass of beer    $ 1.40

Bottle beer    $ 3.10

All day long
 Check out the kitchen specials


Did you know you don't have to be on the board to head a committee? Are you interested, do you have a good idea. We want to hear it.




Conservation Meetings ● Archery ● Baseball League ● Dart Leagues ● Pool Leagues ● Golf League ● Bowling Leagues

● Euchre League ● Bridge League ● Canadian Firearms Safety and Hunter Education Course

Hunter safety Course


                     Hunter safety course at the WSC
                                      July 18-20
                           To book call 519-733-5398

Course Descriptions

Canadian Firearms Safety Course (C.F.S.C.)

You should be at least 12 years of age in order to take this course.

This is an entry level safety course. The course duration is between 10 - 12 hours. We do not attempt to teach you how to shoot, but instead how to be safe when you do shoot. Individuals 18 years of age and older can challenge this exam without instruction if they wish to do so.

All Possession and Acquisition Licenses (P.A.L.) are good for 5 years and should expire on your birth date. You should always renew your P.A.L. before it expires.

A Non-Restricted P.A.L. covers only Non-Restricted Firearms.

Ontario Hunter Education Course (O.H.E.C)

You must be at least 12 years of age in order to take this course.

If you wish to hunt in Ontario, you must take the O.H.E.C. and pass the exam. Then you can apply for a Hunting Outdoors Card (H.O.C.) which will allow you to purchase all hunting licenses except the Wild Turkey license which requires you to take the O.F.A.H. Wild Turkey Seminar & exam. You must be at least 16 years of age to apply for a H.O.C. however you can apply for one at 15 years of age with parental consent. There are two cards available, an H1 or H2. Consult a Hunting Regulations Summary for the particulars.

If you are between 12 - 15 years old, you may apply for a Hunter Apprenticeship Card. (H.A.C.) There are two cards available, an A1 or A2. Consult a Hunting Regulations Summary for the particulars.

All H.O.C.'s are good for 3 years and always expire on December 31

Windsor Sportmens Club Info

 The Windsor Sportsmen’s Club, an independent, non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario to establish a group of sportsmen interested in the sponsoring and promotion of laws governing the conservation of lands, forests, game and fish. The prevention of pollution of streams, rivers, lakes and air. To promote the propagation of game and fish.

Conservation Pledge

I give my pledge as a Canadian, to save and faithfully defend from waste, the natural resources of my country, its air, soil and minerals, its waters, forest and wildlife.



Saturdays 9 am to 3 PM

More dates to follow

Members $5.00
Non Members $8.00





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